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The tourney had around 215 entries and paid 36 seats with some money going to 37th - 39th.The BB raise all in he had my cover and I put my tournement on this play. and this is the final table. And I call.I was dealt pocket queens on the button, when a mid position player raised 6 x big blind.

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I would have to post the blinds in two hands and the blinds would probably have increased by then.Most of the big winners on any poker site (Texas Holdem Tournament players) never want to risk there money on a coin. (ie QQ vs AK being the classic battle).But in the tourney you cant do this, because you must be doubled.Start studying The Myth of Poker Talent Notes to Memorize (Bet sizes and. - Over Pair vs. Under Pair (Ex: AA vs. QQ). - Over Cards vs. Pair (Ex: AK vs TT) 56%.Personally, I do not think ak best hand to call if you will have to play the entire stack.

Beau Rivage Poker Room. Original raiser has QQ short stack has JJ and we are off to the races. The board completely blanks and I am out once again with AK vs. QQ.View a flash poker hand replay of: AQ three of a kind vs TT full house - submitted 08/23/2009.

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The only thing I can add is that in tournaments, a coin toss is not always a good thing.

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I feel dirty theme by studio ST Converted by Wordpress To Blogger for WP Blogger Themes.The first question has to be what was your stack looking like.AK is a hand to go All in postflop I would only go all in preflop if I have well studied the opponent and I know that he plays many hands, other than that AK takes strength in the final stage of a tournament since the players tend to play tighter by The level of the blinds.Winning here would not increase my equity in the game as payouts are even.I also would outright fold it on the bubble if I was in early position, particularly if I was not short.The reason AK is so strong is that calling an all in shove with 22 is so hard because, AK has basically 46% against all pocket pairs.

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Next time when I play with him for sure I will limp any monster hand. lollll Have a good day sir.AA vs AK – odds and probability for the poker hands AA vs AK;. 2 Comments to AA vs QQ – odds and probability for the poker hands AA vs QQ. Mike June 6, 2011.

I could have probably coasted into winning a seat, but if just one short stack doubled up then there would have been a distinct possibly of me becoming the bubble boy.How to Use the Poker Odds Calculator. Pick the poker variation you're playing in the top drop-down menu and the. Eg AK vs 99 or AJ vs 77. This works for any.Look at the flop and on the flop if you improve to a pair, do not be afraid of a chance to improve 32%, and if you get something suited AK flush draw 11%. so sturuktura flop to give two cards of the same suit are 55%, improve the likelihood QQ set to 12% of the opening, and to be an overpair on the flop 60%.

9 Critical Preflop Mistakes That Are Costing You Money at the Poker Tables Everything in poker begins before the flop so. QQ, JJ, AK and AQ but you should also.It turns out that the chances to win with a pocket pair more than AK.

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Another thing is that if you have qq, then you will make 95% of the call after allin.

What is a 'Wet board'?. Poker Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for serious players. dry in, say, a 4-bet pot where Villain can only have {AA-QQ,AK}.

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In cash games you may fold with AK on 4-bet or 5-bet all-in and this is dont be a bad idea.AK is good against villains that have balanced 3 bet ranges (mainly higher stake level).

The /r/poker home game. Hand Analysis 1/2 NL live QQ facing 3 bet from SB. If the villain always has AK and we hold QQ and he always folds to a bet on the.The conservative play is something that must be mastered, that of laying down good to very good hands in tournament situations in either coin flip situations or suboptimal hands.Start studying Poker Ranges. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 55-QQ AK AQo AJs KQs QJs JTs. BTN VS CO OPEN.I sometimes think I tend to over analyze some situations in tourneys - maybe this is why my tourney results have not been the best as of late.If your sitting in the middle of the pack then it really is a judgement call based on villians play prior but if he is a tight player then your up against one of the big pairs and your flipping for your tourney life.Learn the best times to get your money in on a coin flip in a multi table poker. Although odds are you will enter numerous coin flips in each. QQ, AK, KK or AA.The second situation definitely has different schools of thought by experts.The /r/poker home game password is. Why cant he have QQ+AK? 4betting to 100bbs is just. Considering most hands have decent enough equity vs AK,.