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Email from PokerStars Amaya Only Cares About Its Bottom Line Leave Us Your Opinion Since 2001, PokerStars has been among the most prominent online poker brands.Now, even if you consider there are thousands of hands being delt every second, there is still no chance in the world for this to happen to a single player.I could rant about the bad beats, refusals of cash outs etc etc etc. but the above says all that is needed to say.I continuously see 5 or more players all in ALL holding face cards.Runner runner quads against flopped sets in a HEAD TO HEAD match.

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Lets agree that you will still play on 1 table at the time, against 8 other players and that you have to most probably play avg. same amount of hands (maybe not but it doesnt really matter).Perhaps the site believes that it can subconsciously condition players to keep money in the site by punishing those who take money out.But what I can attest to is this, P. stars is very consistent in what they do, Note: it just may be due to (this is just my supposition, no physical proof, but it makes sense) They could be using scripts to guarantee specific outcomes against some individuals.I would like to believe its lack of knowledge and sql injectors taking advantage of the sites poor software. but I strongly think its fraud, with mass advertising promoting you have a shot of quick money.In addition, VIP rewards are earned based on the amount staked not the amount won or lost.

They have no interest in ordinary respectable members of their site.There should not have been a call with a 5 and 7 at a regular table.How the miracle card turn up every fugging time for the bad player.Run your own stats from hand history, people tend to forget when they win as favourites but remembering losts against the odds.Hand 1: AA vs TQo.I bet on flopp.he put me all in as a bluff.and hit 4outer strait on river.Each of those calls WON, 3 times against 88, one time against 33.POKERSTARS ANNOUNCES TEAM LIQUID SPONSORSHIP WITH PRO GAMERS SET TO STREAM POKER eSports pros to stream poker on popular Twitch channels ONCHAN, Isle of Man – May.

They froze me out and I cannot use the Beat the Clock bonuses I am entitled to even though they have not refunded me my money, so technically, I am still entitled until they do so.

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Playing the very same table I happened to see within period of aprox. 5 hours following patterns.The Grand Opening for the entire City of Dreams Manila complex is this Monday, February 2.I know the email got delivered, but I never received a response.The guy called me with a pair of sixes and end up hitting a 4 for a bigger straight.

On May 1, 2015, PokerStars unilaterally changed the terms to only compensate their marketing partners for only two years.Overall the whole feeling is like I am not playing against humans 3. that pertains to style of play as well - everybody is super tight when I have a good hand, but suddenly they are able to go out on a limb when they have a real reason to throw their hands away - funnily enough, it always works out for them by some small margin. 4. players win a pot and soon after leave the room.After I went through this, I found out nothing extraordinary, all ok with for you complaining about those bad beats and stuff, learn more, play less hands.So if I have this clear, a players previous call, raise or fold will affect the random number generator.So I am being placed at a table with this plr who has 62K. he is 1st and I am 2nd.Dec 2, 2016 by Mike G on PokerStars Review Pokerstars is definitely a scam I have been trying to convince myself to DELETE Pokerstars.This site is obviously just someone with a beef against PokerStars, and in no way is truthful.

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They got the messages but clearly chose to ignore honouring the bonus and chose to ignore responding to my messages.Because PokerStars broke US law, they had to pay huge fines to the US Department of Justice.PokerStars Blog PokerStarsi Blogi PokerStars Blog News, online action and live tournament coverage.Home PokerStars Returns to its Roots; 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Schedule Set. 2018 PokerStars Caribbean.SharkScope Desktop can automatically import the hands you play at PokerStars. To enable this feature, the PokerStars client has to be configured to save your.Flop: 9AK I raced from button (again doesnt matter how much) 1 player allin I called.The worse of all is that they always do it not in the beginning in some small tourney but in a decisive moments against stacks that can cripple you.

News and results from major live poker tours including PokerStars. How to Set Up and Play Voice-Controlled Online Poker. you and voice-controlled online poker.Apr 5, 2017 by Lee on PokerStars Review Scam How about the fact that the recent pokerstars update that was mandatory rendered it impossible to contact their support team Apr 5, 2017 by Flo Kaufman on PokerStars Review none On free play why do you have to wait a long time to play after you have lost one stack.The revenues that PokerStars earns is based on the total pot no matter who wins it.

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Buy Pokerstars / Pokertree 500 Piece Professional 14.5. Just recieved my Pokerstars/Pokertree chip set. and a set of keys to lock the stainless steal poker set.PokerStars MicroMillions Schedule Set. Thursday, 12 March 2015. you can take part in virtually any form of poker you desire throughout the festival.Clearly, this is supportive of encouraging greater sized bets to maximise rake and speeding up tourneys for the same reason.I left the sites many times then come back a few months later.

I have been losing like this in up to 20 tourneys per 2 hours in a day.Apr 5, 2017 by robert smith on PokerStars Review River Stars While I enjoy the game in theory, this site (poker stars) I have come to the conclusion that it is a scam.Amaya added a 2.5% foreign currency transaction fee when depositing or withdrawing funds into PokerStars.

PokerStars is the largest online poker cardroom in the world. PokerStars' satellite tournaments.I have later moved to plo, but it was impossible to continue winning after Amaya became the owner.

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Jonathan Borenstein then three-bet to 130,000 from the bu. more.We believe that all of these poor decisions stemmed from the fact that PokerStars decided to break US law by continuing to offer their services to Americans.

How to setup Holdem Manager to run with Poker Stars Zoom Tables. If you have UAC turned on you must set stars to run as admin otherwise the zoom hud will not work.Does it really exist anyone on this planet that thinks this garbage is random.Poker News and the #1. opinion articles and gossip from the Poker World. PokerStars Power Up Game Set for Release. PokerStars recently announced that.Buy Pokerstars Chips Free from Reliable China Pokerstars Chips Free suppliers.Find Quality Pokerstars Chips Free Sports & Entertainment,Poker Chips,Home & Garden.I did it as well, they will send you your hand history, so if you have time and are willing to put some effort, go on.One thing I notice, is the smaller stack almost always, always wins in a show down, against the odds, on the turn or the river.Get 3 times within period of 50 hands on 3 different tables 4 same cards on flop to get best hand - no way.

That is for reason WHY they game is fixed. My best. Jan 27, 2018 by Bruce on PokerStars Review Playing withing the rules is a TOS Today I received a threatening email from pokerstars.PokerStars realized it was breaking US law by continuing to accept US players and eventually abandoned the US market.Dec 31, 2016 by Dorothy1943 on PokerStars Review POKERSTARS IS 100% LEGIT. 90% of poker players lose, 5% break even, 5% win.Win AK vs AA, win A9 vs AK all the time, never losing when he was ahead in preflop allins.I Cannot stand online poker anymore, Were their is money to made, You can be 100% sure their is fraud going along with it.Hi all, just been thinking is there anywhere that i could buy the Pokerstars Chip set online? i have checked amazon / ebay. no luck on.Shop Juego Pokerstars Texas Hold'em Poker Set incl. 1 Deck of Playing Cards, 1 Dealer, 1 Poker Guard, Poker Timer & 300 Poker Chips - Black. Free delivery and returns.The history of mankind has been defined by triumph over adversity.On April 15, 2011, the Department of Justice seized the domain name, along with and several others.

Move in with 10 3 against aa and hit straight. Well. I want to talk with a person that says this shit is random.Poker Online | Play Poker Games. Announcement: Welcome to the new Help Centre - If your article is not displaying please search here for the latest.