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Remote latching mechanism US4922658 Jan 30, 1987 May 8, 1990 Therm-O-Loc, Inc.It is further understood these cooperative engaging members provide further resistance to forced entry wherein an intruder attempts to use a tool to rotate the rotor from outside a housing or building to unlock the sash lock assembly.This allows the assembly 30 to fit into the opening of the top rail 20.

In this embodiment, both the latch bolt 250 and slide 251 are slidably disposed within the housing.In addition, the guide pin 76 abuttingly engages the end of rotor slot 40 such that as the rotor 34 is further rotated by the handle 36, the connector 48 pulls the latch bolt 50 to inwardly retract the latch bolt 50 into the latch bolt housing 52 and, therefore, into the top rail 20.The connector 248 is operably connected at one end to the pawl 287, and at the opposed end to the latch bolt 250.As shown in FIG. 57, the actuator plate or pawl 372 is positioned intermediate to the rotor 340 and the housing 320.In one embodiment of the present invention, the slots 40 are kidney-shaped.The handle 236 of this embodiment of the integrated assembly 230 is operably coupled to the rotor assembly 234.

The connector 48 may be secured to the sleeve 82 as by gluing.As illustrated in FIG. 48, the handle 236 can have a plurality of symbols 210, 212, 214 to indicate to an operator certain operating positions of the integrated assembly 230.Slot car racing became popular in the 1960s and is still going strong. Read about the history and science of slot car racing. X. How Slot Car Racing Works.Further rotation of the actuator arm 336 causes the abutment surface 342 of the cam 344 to engage the edge 350 of the first tab 348.The outer surface 355 of the second tab 354 is positioned in a confronting relationship with the inner surface 362 of the second upright 364.The tilt-latch mechanism 230 b generally includes a latch bolt assembly 249 and a connector 248.A connector has one end connected to the spool and another end connected to the latch bolt.

The integrated assembly 30 generally includes a sash lock mechanism 30 a and a tilt-latch mechanism 30 b.The first upright 360 defines a first stop for abutting engagement with the edge 358 of the base 376 in a closed position.Eenigenburg, Dean Pettit, Aaron Eiger, Scott Rote, Scott Zeeb Original Assignee Newell Operating Company Export Citation BiBTeX, EndNote, RefMan Patent Citations (100), Non-Patent Citations (1), Referenced by (37), Classifications (44), Legal Events (8) External Links.The integrated assembly further has a connector coupling the latch bolt to the rotor.

Similarly, sash lock assemblies are typically mounted on the top surface of the top rail of the sash window.The opening 190 is vertically positioned on the guide rail 16 to correspond to the location of the latch bolt 50 when the lower sash window 12 is in a fully closed position.In one typical configuration, a sash window is slidably supported within a master frame.The sash lock housing 32 generally accommodates the rotor 34 and has an opening to allow the handle 36 to be connected to the rotor 34.US1051918 Apr 24, 1911 Feb 4, 1913 Sykes Steel Roofing Company Locking mechanism for fireproof closures.The protrusion 378 is coaxially aligned with the slot 374 and opening 376 of the base 372 enabling the protrusion 378 to be inserted into the opening 376 in a locked position, and slot 374 in a unlocked position.

) Inventor Dean Pettit Mark Eenigenburg Current Assignee (The listed assignees may be inaccurate. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no.The keeper 42 is generally designed to be mounted on the base 22 of the upper sash window 13. Magpul Industries M-Lok Aluminum Rail Section (9 Slots): Sports & Outdoors. Magpul Industries M-Lok Aluminum Rail Section (9 Slots)...If the latch bolt housing 50 is used without the tabs 68, 70, the design utilizing the engaging member 186 may be used.The individual components of the integrated assemblies can also be made from various materials as desired for a particular application.The channel 195 is defined by a pair of spaced internal walls 196 of the spool 194.

An integrated tilt/sash lock assembly for a sash window is disclosed. The sash window assembly has an upper sash window and a lower sash window slideable within a.The rotor 340 is mounted to the actuator plate 372 and housing 320.In this embodiment, an alternative latch bolt housing 52 a is utilized.The first and second tabs 68, 70 are located between and spaced from the first and second ends of the latch bolt housing 52.

The pawl 372 further includes an opening 410 adapted to receive the second post 333.Thus, the second end 199 b of the spool housing 198 does not guide the connector 148.