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Comcast triple play deals existing customers 12 PDF Results and update:2017-10-04 03:44:38.So I asked her if I could get an approx. price of what these taxes and fees might be monthly.I informed him that my cable has worked fine like that since it was installed over two years ago in this home.My next step is to take them to whatever the name of that agency is to complaint about a corporation.So we found the other office and waited for over an hour to talk to one of their representatives.I advised her that a company as large as Comcast had to have leads, supervisors, managers, coo, cfo, president, or someone who could help a customer with a complaint.Xfinityonline is an authorized retailer of comcast cable tv deals,.

I am signed up for automatic pay, which I do for convenience expecting Comcast to bill me correctly.I talk to them on the phone, told them I need it my service transfer.They told me that I can dig as long it is 250 feet to power pole.She told me that no Comcast employees should ever make payment arrangements, that this is against their policy.

Comcast Enters Wireless Business With $45-a-Month Service

While speaking with the CSR I requested that I get a supervisor to call me back.I explained that I was frustrated that there was no way to get the issue resolved on this phone call and explained that I am moving in a few months and would like to retain Comcast, but with the current billing issues and being unable to get a hold of a supervisor, I may be interested in switching to Verizon.This time, I was put through immediately. (The bill is in my name.Triple play for existing customers. They usually will let you into a triple play package, but you wont have the ability to get the special offers like the gift.On September 8th I got billed again for another Triple Play bundle, and on the 1st of October I got billed again for another bundle.

Comcast Increases Internet Speeds for No Additional Cost

AT&T Upgrades & Promotions/Deals for Existing Customers

Unfortunately I have been a customer for over 5 years and these are the typical examples of the way their customer services has been, not any better than this.When I spoke to their customer service representative, they said that they never offered the Sports Package for free to anyone ever.Once again I called CSR and spent over an hour on the phone with them. - Google+

I want my refund of 299.00, to hook up the cable line as told.

How To Get A Promotion With Comcast And Cable Alternatives

So on the 16th of August I got bill for my bundle (Triple Play).Throughout this whole time, we kept getting calls stating we had to pay our past due amount.

Comcast® To Begin Its New 'Internet Of Things' Service In

Since it was a holiday I waited until July 5 to call customer service.

This strategy acknowledges that some existing and potential customers will primarily want.Every time I was told that we were not going to have our services interrupted.When I signed up, I inquired about their Sports Package and HBO and what kind of promotions they were running.Price 2018 - Comcast Deals Triple Play Existing Customers, Xfinity bundles and triple play deals online, Get the xfinity starter xf triple play save when you bundle.I marked this date on my calendar and later when I called I was told that if I take Starz off, then I will lose HBO and a boat load of regular cable channels.I want my refund if they are not going to hook up the bundle.

They were able to restore both items and did acknowledge that I was supposed to have them for a year for free.This is when my husband discovered we could call Comcast corporate offices directly.Looking for the least expensive internet only offer available from comcast xfinity including special offers for.Cable TV Triple Play Deals for Comcast. more cash from existing customers.The cable guy had taken the modem and the other cable box I still had and I was using.

What’s Comcast Doing to Make Its Customers Happy?

Comcast has the worst Customer Service I have ever had to deal with. PENNSYLVANIA -- I signed up for the Comcast Triple Play Package in July of 2010.They put me on hold for a few minutes before picking back up (it was the same person).

Comcast Introduces New Triple Play Self-Install Kit

I decided to call them and ask them to reverse the charges and to be billed correctly going forward.

My first calls to Comcast customer service...She said that they could give us the basic program of 10 local channels, the lowest speed internet and local phone service with paid long distance.Existing Customer. Pick a Premium offer not available to customers who previously subscribed to the.Triple Play deals in some locations. Comcast. customers, existing.And they almost always run a special offer for bundled Fios Triple Play.RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- Comcast has the worst Customer Service I have ever had to deal with.Comcast Offers Wii Systems to New Triple Play Customers. Nintendo, have teamed up to offer an exclusive deal available to new Comcast Triple Play customers.

Needless to say, I stayed with our original package, which, by the way, we have never paid that amount either.This was never told to me and what does this have to do with the 3 services.Second question was in the check out it says that the package prices do not include applicable taxes and fees.

The next day another service tech and we went over everything.Current Comcast customers who are enrolled in select. that switches to Xfinity Mobile and signs up for X1 Triple Play.

Deal: Comcast internet for $19.99/month for pre-existing

I explained why I was frustrated as a customer and understood that this service customer agent was explaining only what they could see on the account and why I was frustrated with the miscommunication to the customer when signing up.X1 triple play for existing customers. I am not a Comcast employee, I am a paying customer.

Frontier vs. Comcast: Compare XFINITY® Internet & TV

Comcast will also notify customers who may need to upgrade their.

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